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Revitalize your body, balance your mind and nourish your soul

Info Covid-19

Info COVID-19

Para nuestros clientes:

En Son Parc Hotels & Golf hemos flexibilizado la política de cancelación a 5 días antes de la llegada.

Aplica a HA Beach Club, HA Sol Parc, Aptos. Playa Parc, Las Pérgolas, Son Parc y Villas Yucas.

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In the magical place of Son Parc

Revitalize your body, balance your mind and nourish your soul

On the beach, between a pine forest or under the stars, the benefits of any treatment multiply. Our team of massage therapists, body therapists and yoga teachers combine the right intention with deep knowledge and experience during treatment.

Son Parc Hotels & Golf

Benefits of Massage

The most essential benefits of massage are increased circulation, greater flexibility and a feeling of well-being, but depending on where the treatment takes place, it can reach even greater levels of rejuvenation and tranquility. Spending time in nature has been linked to better health in the short and long term, increases serotonin (the neurotransmitter that is responsible for 'making us happy') and activates the parts of our body responsible for empathy, emotional stability and love.

Another benefit of receiving a massage in a natural environment is that the cells receive a higher level of fresh oxygen, which also allows the body to eliminate more toxins. Also, the amount of serotonin your body produces is directly related to the volume of oxygen you inhale. This substance can improve your mood and promote a feeling of unparalleled happiness and well-being.

Son Parc Hotels & Golf

Muscle relaxing massage

Localized massage 30' 30€
Relaxing massage 40' 42€
Integral massage 60' 55€
Chiromassage 90' 70€
Shiatsu* 60' 50€
Shiatsu* 90' 70€

*Learn more about Shiatsu treatment Shiatsu.

Treatment of Japanese origin that, applying pressure with the fingers and palms of the hands on certain points, corrects irregularities and activates the body's self-healing capacity. This technique will give us physical well-being and a deep and lasting state of relaxation.
Son Parc Hotels & Golf

Facial treatments

Facial hygiene 38€
Rebalancing 75€
Renovator 80€
Regenerator 85€
Kobido* 45€

*Learn more about the Kobido treatment.

Japanese facial massage is a profound combination of traditional Japanese medicine concepts and massage techniques that have been developed and modified from Anma over the past 500 years. Kobido means "ancient way of beauty". Legend has it that for centuries it was one of the favorite therapies of Japanese empresses who looked like porcelain. The result is fresh, luminous skin on a serene and radiant face.
Son Parc Hotels & Golf

Body treatments

Anti-cellulite treatment 75€
Leg scrub 22€
Body scrub 42€
Reiki* 30€

*Learn more about Reiki treatment.

Manual technique with therapeutic effects that return the organism to its natural harmonic state, balancing body and mind, a feeling of peace and inner encounter.
Son Parc Hotels & Golf

Manicure and pedicure

Basic Manicure 15€
Basic Pedicure 22€
Permanent nail polish with manicure 30€
Permanent nail polish with basic pedicure 36€
Gel with manicure 49€
Gel reconstruction with manicure 70€
Remove gel without manicure 20€
Son Parc Hotels & Golf


Eyebrows   6€
Armpits   8€
Bikini area 15€
Complete bikini area 18€
Half legs 12€
Whole legs 22€
Half arms   8€
Whole arms 15€

What our customers say

  • Son Parc Hotels & Golf · Good and resting environment

    Good and resting environment

    Nice two-bedroom apartment with a good view of the pool. Functional with the added plus of Air con. Very enjoyable and clean swimming pool. Resting atmosphere.


  • Son Parc Hotels & Golf · Great location

    Great location

    Position is great and to have direct access to a free beach is a real plus for the structure. The staff was nice and friendly and, even if it is a sort of village, not too intrusive.


  • Son Parc Hotels & Golf · A wonderful restful and relaxing stay!

    A wonderful restful and relaxing stay!

    The hotel was in a perfect location, the apartment was spotless with beautiful views of the bay and a fantastic beach restaurant with amazing service and food. Great holiday! We would highly recommend it.


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